Press release

Saturday, 6 July 2002

THE ANNUAL LEBANESE NATIONAL TABBOULEH DAY (First Saturday of the month of July) An annual national day, which is the first Saturday of the month of July, is dedicated to TABBOULEH where all the Lebanese people celebrate this link between each other and their home country. TABBOULEH is known as one of the famous and traditional Lebanese dish that every Lebanese loves. In this day, Lebanese and friends around the world gather in private or in public to celebrate and enjoy the taste of TABBOULLEH. This gathering demonstrates and strengthens their love and integrity with Lebanon and carries a lot of meanings to the Lebanese community wherever they are in this world. So let us all participate in the upcoming national TABBOULEH day which will be on Saturday July 06, 2002. This unique social gathering and experience that we will share all together wherever we are, will strengthen our communication, coherence and cooperation for the sake of free and independent LEBANON. Alf Sa7tayn w Hana