Press release

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Edition 2017 - Saturday July 1, 2017


Lebanese National Tabbouleh Day is a yearly festivity day dedicated to Tabbouleh. Since 2001, it is celebrated the first Saturday of the month of July. On this day, both Lebanese and non-Lebanese alike, all over the world meet in their homes or in public around this traditional Lebanese dish. It’s a cultural, gastronomic and touristic feast related to humanity and peace in Lebanon and in the world.

The Tabbouleh is considered a « unifying » dish, in a country like Lebanon torn by tensions, and as a « symbolic » dish by the diversity of its ingredients – representative of the Lebanese population. As such, this delicate harmony is compromised anytime one of its components is discarded or neglected.

This year, a large public gathering is organized at Souk el Tayeb at the Beirut Souks, Tripoli Street (Beirut Downtown), where there will be public tastings and competitions of the best Tabbouleh in each of these following categories:

  • Traditional Tabbouleh
  • Winter Tabbouleh
  • Creative Tabbouleh

Competitions starts at 10:30 am until 11:30 am

Let us celebrate all together the Lebanese National Tabbouleh Day on Saturday July 1, 2017.